Would really appreciate a critique

I’m attaching 2 pdf’s : 1 showing concept generation and 1 showing my final design.

I would really appreciate any feedback you wonderful designers could give, it’s my first time posting on core77, although I’ve been spying on you all for a couple of years.

I’m a recent graduate, my model’s are Alias (I don’t get on with SolidWorks, we are not friends) this is an early uni project, reworked recently.

Thankyou in advance [please critique… pleeeeease?]


first page: your sketches have a nice “natural” quality, not “designerly.” you have good control of shading. I’d advise, though, to pull back on the rendering of the hands, as you give them equal importance to the concept. In other words, it’s hard to see the concept because the hands compete visually. Also, you don’t want to spend time sketching hands when an outline will do.

second page: overall, the concept is simplistic compared to the earlier concepts and I’m not convinced it is the best solution. It doesn’t look precious enough to be an object of desire. I’d like it to be softer, more organic, like a pretty little pet… visually, there is little impact, and it looks a little generic.

I think concept 15 is the cutest: add a little animated face and I’d keep this bugger close by, aw! just click his lil’ nub to control the player! you know you want to! :laughing:

Thanks bennybtl. The final design was a development of concept 3 (middle top). The market was the business rail commuter, I was trying to go for a pocket watch type of feel, using metals with a bit of weight to them to make the device “feel” valuable.

I agree with you, the outcome does look a little generic. I’ll have another go. Thanks for your comments (I like what you did with concept 15!)