Would love to see some better image integration.

Hey all,

I’d like to submit a suggestion in regards to adding and viewing images on core77’s discussion board. I’m aware that image hosting by the forums takes up a lot of bandwidth and space, however, as a frequent poster I feel that the current way to embed multiple images is quite a hassle and my least favorite part about the boards.

There are many threads that are almost purely image related and if there is any way to include a more streamlined system to upload and view images I think it would greatly improve the experience on the site. Now that the forums seem to resize large images it’s becoming really difficult to have a discussion over many larger images. I either have to redirect the viewers to an outside link in-order to see larger images or repeatedly upload 3 images at a time (being that this is the maximum uploads allowed).

I’d love to have a discussion on how this can be improved,
Thank you!

I agree. Image posting sucks. I think you can add more than three though, or maybe it’s just my mid status that allows me. Either way, one by one and no control of size or order feels like 2003.

I think I read some new boards software may be coming down soon to better integrate with the new front page, but I could be wrong. Maybe will be a fix. I know we’ve been mentioning it for several years, but my understanding is it is a limitation based on the platform we currently use that is very old and limited.


I did not see this thread before, but would like to add a +1.

Aaron, you might have been talking about the image uploading, but in addition to that, I would love to see resizing of linked URL images. Sometimes it is nice to add an image but you don’t want to jack the entire thread. It is possible in other boards with BBcode between the brackets, but some attempts here and there have not had any luck. Is there something that I am missing?


Tell me what needs to be adjusted and I’ll see what I can do.

I embedded this image using the img tags.


Posting images from a hosting site is easy, either use the img tags or use the hosting site’s bb code. Flikr, Photobucket, ipernity, Picassa, etc are all free to use.

Uploading directly from your hard drive is a pita.

I’ve gotten used to the multiple image thing, but a drag and drop method like FB uses now would be awesome.

I don’t see it as a pita? Use the ‘Place Inline’ button

Issue is uploading and managing multiple images. Sometimes the resize, sometimes not, limits on images per post, have to add each one individually, can’t change order…agreed it’s a bit of a pain. Not to mention no mobile support without tap talk. I have no idea the limitations in the system but drag and drop and mobile would be my 2 top requests. Followed by auto resize and ability to move pics in order.


Can you give an example of something that currently works like you want?

Someone mentioned Facebook. I think that is a pretty good example. I don’t know about other forums. This is only one I’m on.


If you could copy the imgur.com upload popup with all it’s features, that would be great.

bet place for integrant :wink: