would love some feedback on my fashion portfolio

i would love to have some feedback on my fashion portfolio. if you would like to see it visit the following url:


Thanks guys!

Some cool stuff, nice to see something different.

I can’t really critique the fashion but here is my take on the samples:

Great photos, but a lot of the images are repetitive. It would be cool if you edited and collaged some of the glory shots so you could show some process: sketches, mock-ups etc.

Also you mention that you do couture, urban aparel and footwear, but you only show couture really, I think. Might want to infuse some variety

Beautifull designs…especially the last design on image set 3… in my opinion.

In regards to your portfolio, the designs visually look great (designs and photography)…but there is no further information about how these ideas came to be. Perhaps if you can suggest what specific social/design trends influenced the designs may help a potential employer understand you and your work a bit more.

Great work, but the portfolio is coming off as more of a “retail catalog” look rather than a portfolio. Needs to be more personal to the viewer.

my $.02…best of luck!

thanks, i appreciate the response you have given me and i think you guys might be rigth about a couple of things.
i am going to post some more design and sketches and allso some designs of some footware i am working on right now.
i am allso going to post some more advanced work and mock-up`s.

OK guys keep checking back. :wink: .

I think taking the photos into something like Photoshop and retouching and tweaking the brightness contrast etc would make them look much better!