would like to have some feedback on my fashion portfolio,thx

I’d appreciate any advise, thanks for your time. :smiley:


my favorite fashion designer for women is ferre. i’m sure you know him- check out his website. he’s also an architect. best thing about his design though is that he doesn’t conform to italian fashion.

the reason i brought up ferre was because i have seen his designs regularly displayed in his beverly hills shop. i think he has a showroom in texas too. if you get a chance go there and see the way he arranges his windows. he creates a whole setup and is very “theme concious” - not very “design oriented”- as some atelier like versace.

your design seems very light, not detailed and somehow diminshed to a very simple style, almost like a t-shirt! american designers are like that though, to a certain extent. i don’t want to mention names but i guess you know which ones.

if you want to do simple cuts, specially for couture i think it would be essential that you use patterns combined with materials/textures that stand out.

I haven’t looked at fashion sketches in a long time, and am not in the fashion field, so take this for what it’s worth. It’s not meant to insult YOUR work in any way.

The figures are obviously impossibly skinny. This does allow for the designs to have a more elegant, flowing nature, but…

The final design will never live up to the sketch, because the proportions will have to be very different. Even the most bizarre supermodel does not have proportions like the figures in the sketches, so not only will the runway model’s clothes look frumpy compared to the sketch, the consumer’s will look dumpy compared to the model’s. Why not sketch impossibly beautiful women with realistic proportions?

Real women are beautiful.

Having loved two women who suffered from eating disorders and crushingly low self esteem, I have a real problem with the perpetuation of the ‘ideal woman’ stereotype. Life is hard enough as it is without pressure to conform to a size, proportion, and style. It’s avoidable, and we should avoid it.

IF a talented designer were to take a stand, they would benefit greatly for their courage. Unfortunately, one would likely have to kiss ass to make it to a position of influence prior to making that stand.

Maybe you’re that person.

Again, this is not a personal attack, and I wish you all the best.

I personaly think that it would be great if you could post some photographs
of you`re designs maybe some dresses you have created or something like that, it would be nice to see some final products.

sincerly: Claudio Perugia

I will take it all to my consideration,
thank you for taking time and giving feedback, have a great success!

i prefer the straight drawings over the photoshop lens flare stuff. the flashy stuff detracts from the drawings and design imo.