Would like some input on my portfolio. It's been awhile.

I’ve been updating my portfolio somewhat piecemeal since graduation and haven’t gotten any real feedback on it since I was actually a student. I’m three years out and don’t want to be showing something I’m not excited to stand behind, but I think I’ve been staring at it for too long and can’t see the forest for the trees anymore, so outside criticism would be greatly appreciated. It’s a mixture of student projects (which have been occasionally updated with newer and nicer stuff) and some examples of some of the work I’ve done professionally.

Here is a link to the portfolio itself.


I have also taken some HTML/CSS classes and built a website. This is my first attempt and I’m already working on concepts for a retooled version of it using some more advanced stuff, but I would still like your input.

I can take harsh criticism and I’m sure this needs it at this point, so don’t hold back.

Looks pretty good to be honest.

If you’re targeting an ID position I’d lose the Rosetta Stone, necklace and brewery branding projects. You’ve got enough good ID work to embellish your other projects, in particular by drawing attention to and showing off your better sketch work.

Page 6 is a classic example of this. Under the banner, images top right, and bottom right and left are very strong, image top left is letting this page down so re-size accordingly or get rid of the top left image all together.

Your CV (or resume :wink:) could do with some subtle formatting to show headings, sub-headings and content more clearly. Maybe learn/use Illustrator to tighten up your shower/campfire storyboards?

And who irons their underwear???!!!

Thanks, this is the “full” portfolio that I pick and choose projects from to show to specific job interests. I usually don’t include those two unless I think they would be relevant to the job.

Do you think it would be too much to use different shades of grey/black to denote headings/sub-headings and content? Graphic design is still a bit of a mystery to me.

I think those two storyboards will be the next things to get a redo. Thanks.

I started after doing this project and now I’ll never go back to not doing it. Try it out!

Thanks for your input.

OK, but I’d still look at Ironing, Campfire, and Shower projects and focus on/make more of your sketches.

Sounds good, but keep it simple. Currently it looks like you’ve got grey headings and black content? This to me is the wrong way round.

No. :wink:

I would try to improve rendering quality. Your 3d models are ok, but a greater visual impact would be nice.

I also hope for you more free time, so you can explore more and more the ‘look and feel’ of your hand made sketches.

You know …we are always discovering new ways to reach better illustrations.

Just a quick note on the website - I feel that it’s way too much clicking back and forth. Curate a bit and put more on one page. Also, the small thumbnails you are using don’t do your work justice. Show more of it sooner, and let me simply scroll through it.