Would like feedback IxD Portfolio

Hello Fellow Designers

Haven’t been able to gain any traction in terms of internships.
I’ve worked really hard to put my best work forward.
I’m willing to work as hard and as long as it takes to be stellar. =)
My attitude is super positive most of the time, but I’m also beginning
to question myself in terms of ability.
Not sure what I’m doing wrong.
Would like some constructive criticism on any new approach
I should take with my portfolio.
Here is a link to my work.
My focus is the mobile industry as a goal after I graduate.

Running out of options.

Your portfolio rocks!

There’s a lot of hardware interaction in your folio–are you looking for that type of opportunity?
Are you looking in a particular geographic area?
Does Umea help with internships?

Thank you for the compliments.

I’ve been looking for a mix of both hardware and interface type work.
Ideally in the mobile space but at this point any experience would be beneficial.
Geographically I guess my preference would be US and the EU.
Umea does post the occasional internship opportunity but students do go
out and find internships on their own. I have taken both these approaches.
I’m at the level that I just need to finish up my thesis work now, but I feel that
I’m lacking any internship experience to move this career forward.
The applications I have sent out have have been numerous, they are articulated
and I take great care to make sure they are written properly.
Just seems like I can’t catch a break, I do take the attitude that in times of good
or bad there is opportunity I guess you just have to dig a little deeper.
The same wall goes up every time I apply anywhere.
Wondering any new approaches I should take.?

thank you for the feedback.

Your portfolio is awesome. Although a bit lengthy at times, you do seem to explain the process very articulately.

I think R/GA would love your work, if you’re interested at all in the type of stuff they do.

Thank you for the feedback.

Since my last post I’m happy to mention that I finally
was able to find an internship with a major mobile device
manufacturer I’ll be working there this summer. =)
Wow how things can change, my biggest lesson
I’ve learned through all this is to just to keep trying.

“If you fall down 7 times get up 8 times”

It’s great. Nice layout and easy to navigate. Lots of information, but not all thrown at you at once. Great job.

Some very very nice thinking, clearly visually explained. Sorry I missed this earlier. I’m glad you landed an internship. I’d like to see how your work progresses!

Hey I would like to report back and say since the last time I had posted
news about internships I have received two more offers one with an
automotive manufacturer and another with a sporting good brands company.
I think the best lessons I have learned thus far is to really articulate your
design skill level to the places you aspire to work for and find out exactly what
they want in a designer but add your own flair to your work don’t be someone’s clone. =)

That is pretty much it in a nutshell. Show your competence, relevance, your value, and your uniqueness in equal measure.

hi zingo ,
your portfolio is great , a lot of things to learn from it , thank you for sharing and inspiring , and congratulations on the internship :slight_smile: