Would be grateful for portfolio review.

Hi everyone,

I am a recent graduate with a degree in product design looking for new opportunities in the design field.

In my recent efforts of job searching I have had the opportunity to have my portfolio reviewed by professionals outside of my school and have gotten some feedback. All-in-all, my portfolio seems to be in a niche, in-between category where it is neither a traditional ID portfolio nor it is representative of any other single design discipline.

Based on the advice I have received so far, I have decided to add in more “traditional” ID projects (currently working on), perhaps a smart watch or a wireless router or something - something where I can show off surfacing skills and sketching skills and whatnot. I was also told to reduce the number of slides per project, which I am working on as well.

All of this being said I would love to gain more opinions on what I am doing right, and what I can do better.

Thank you for your time.


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Hi KenoLeon,

Thank you for your feedback, and I see your points. I will definitely work on your suggestions.



Personally I think you have some fantastic work. I think it is a pretty diverse set of projects. One thing that I found is that it is a bit difficult to tell where you would like to work. If you have a target employees, start thinking about what projects they would like to see.

Really likes the Marc Jacobs projects as well as the wooden speaker/CD player, though it was more on the arty side of electronics. I wish we could get mass retailers to buy and sell product like that.

Hi Yo,

Thank you for your kind words. My interest and focus on employment has always been in “agency” type companies, because I really enjoy working on projects with different character and constraints, and this was the reasoning behind keeping my work as diverse as possible.

That being said, I agree with you on the targeting part. While I take specifically tailored printed portfolios to interviews, I definitely feel the need to categorize my work online, so that different employers can focus on what they want. My current solution to this is putting small labels on the thumbnails (perhaps like how Behance puts labels and awards on thumbnails), and I’m currently working on it.

I notice from both you and KenoLeon that Auro is an eye-catching project, and I will be working on improving the presentation for that project as well.


If you want to go to a traditional design consultancy then I think you should probably balance out your portfolio with a couple of more mass market type projects. I think a mass market CE product and some kind of simple product like a water bottle or hand tool would round out the presentation.

Roger that.