Worst Product Press Ever, RIP

Segway company owner dies in apparent Segway accident

I don’t think it will ever matter exactly what happened in the mind of consumers. That will have to always be in the back of your mind somewhere while you’re riding in one.

that link isn’t working, but yeah that story has been everywhere since it happened. not surprising really. I’m sure it will also feature in the annual Darwin awards.
I read this in one of the articles on the accident:

"A Segway safety review was conducted by Dr Mary Pat McKay, professor of emergency medicine and public health at George Washington University in the US.

It found 41 Segway injuries between April 2005 and November 2008 among patients who attended the George Washington emergency room.

Ten people were admitted to hospital and four were admitted to intensive care. There were no deaths but some patients had serious facial trauma, fractures and brain injuries."

anyone who’s googled “youtube” and “segway accident” will nod their head to the above figures.

I had no idea

according to the articles he was in their cars (joint venture with GM), not scooters: “involving one of his upright two-wheeled vehicles”…“after apparently falling off a cliff on one of the vehicles”

HA! The lady rolling over the other lady’s wheel and taking a digger is comedy gold.

My eyes are actually watering because I’ve been laughing so hard watching that video. I had to close my office door.

Segways always crack me up, I saw some mall cop trying to tell a lady not to take her stroller on the escalator, and it’s like he’s a mall cop, so zero respect to begin with, but the segway takes away anything he may have had with his deep cop voice and dark blue uniform. She just laughed at him and kept on her way. Is it even possible not to look like a total idiot on one of those?

Does this look stupid?

But this guy will always be genius.

I’m just imagining the day those police are “marching” and they start to run over each others wheels. Imagine Kent State, but out of control.

this one? :slight_smile: I keed I keed.

What a bunch of bull …


If that were my version, the car would have filled up with foam on impact like in that movie “Demolition Ma” Stalone vs Snipes! Ya heard?

Yeah, it does…

Female faceplanting is one of the worst things for me to watch. Normally the arm strength isn’t there to slow it down so you know it’s hitting full force, makes me cringe every time.

this one? > :slight_smile: > I keed I keed.

The only thing lacking, that I see, is a hubless wheel…