Worst OJ ever - Florida's Natural?

So I bought some yesterday because the clear plastic bottle (is it still a bottle if it’s a gallon?) and I wanted to try something other than Tropicana/Minute Maid. The packaging was not great, but it definitely made me feel “fresh orange juice”, prob because of the see through ness of the bottle. However, this morning, groggily waking up to go to figure drawing class, I poured myself a glass and was surprised that they could even sell this crap. It is awful. Terrible sour after taste. Not expired until August 22nd. Is it just me? Have I been spoiled by Tropicana? Anyone ever tried this brand? Man, I’m ticked off. Bad mood to be in when drawing naked people.

I actually prefer that brand. It really does taste more like real fresh orange juice than Tropicana or Minute Maid. I can see how it would be a tough transition if you weren’t ready for it. I usually never get it because it’s always a few bucks more than the competition.

Oh, alright. I’ll try to adjust then. Got 80 more oz to go. It was actually the same price as Tropicana which is why I bought it.

I buy whatever OJ is on sale, and usually its tropicana so i drink them mostly, but i think tropicana is the most “tart”, i think the floridas natural and minute maid are a smoother drink :smiley: long story short… i dont mind FN.

those brands are pretty much the only 3 i have ever drank. although i think floridas natural is kinda new, i dont have much memory of them past 2-3 years ago. And i dont know if i have seen this clear bottle you speak of… is that the one that comes in the carafe? or is that minute maid?

I think this may be the brand you are refering to with the Carafe Bottle. This is Simply Orange brand. It in my mind is the best orange juice I have ever tasted. It has a very fresh squeezed taste. Its a bit expensive though so I rarly ever buy it.

I agree, I love the Simply Orange the best out of all of them. Forida’s Best is in a similar container but doesn’t have the big flared top, I don’t know if it’s from the same people though.

Three makes a crowd. Short of fresh sqoze out of those biodegradable spherical orange containers, Simply Orange is the best.

Save the other stuff for mixing with cheap Vodka (good Vodka I wouldn’t dilute with anything …)

yea that is the one i was thinking of, so i dont think i have seen the florida’s natural clear containers. And yes simply orange is expensive so i only get its goodness when its on sale.

Isn’t florida’s natural the one with the shape of a sliced orange molded into their green cap? I always thought that was a nice detail. :sunglasses:

Looks like it…