Worst A$$hole Design Moves?

Not my wording…it comes from Gizmodo:

So, what in your mind are some of the biggest design faux pas that are out there?

The worst a$$hole I’ve ever come across was when I interviewed at this design firm and showed some of the projects I had recently worked on, including an ongoing freelance gig I had done for a competing firm. Later I found out one of the guys I interviewed with left to be on his own and took over that project I had just showed him. :angry:

The other a$$hole was a boss who had me fired while he was on vacation. :frowning:

I read this and thought it was probably an a$$hole move to show a competing firm an ongoing project during an interview.

I’d probably have to agree with you, didn’t know better at the time, I was fresh out of school. The firm’s client was a top 20 Fortune 500 headquartered out of town so I thought it would be safe. The guy I interviewed with went to freelance for that competing firm. You live and learn. :wink:

My power button is just above the esc key. I never had a problem…weird.

I hate those USB jump drives that are wider than the standard plug. The Macbook only has two USB ports, so if you have a normal one (like a mouse) next to the awful jump drive with “ergonomic” wide rubbery sides, the mouse has to be taken out in order for the jump drive to fit. All in all, not the worst thing in life, but pretty close.

In my sophomore year in school I interned with a designer in his tiny studio, lured in by an array of flashy Italian clients.
Internship was unpaid but the abuse and terror was free.
Once at lunch during a typical 14 hour day of insults he asked if I wanted to maybe stay on after the internship period ended and do some work. I explained that we could talk about that but that I would of course charge him as a freelancer because our unpaid intern relationship had ended. Then he remarked:
“You want to get paid?! You should pay ME instead of asking for money. That school of yours is also useless. You should just take that tuition money you pay them and give it to me, I teach you everything you need.”
Needless to say, I got out as soon as the internship was over.

However often he made his assistents cry or insulted his interns, that experience was really nothing compared to my years as a chef…

This is a classic quote. I have definitely felt this way before. What makes it worse, is that once they start paying you, they feel even MORE empowered to rain fire and brimstone around your ears. I simply don’t get why people believe they have to be a$$holes to get what they want.

That’s why you never take any unpaid internships/trials. It’s unethical and disrespectful.

I thought the photo used in the article (reprinted on core77 here:) was about the On-Off switch, not the button’s position- don’t you have to really hold it down for a few seconds to turn it off?

The On -Off switch pictured means “ON” slash “ON” slash “OFF”- makes no sense, especially when the circle-stroke power symbol itself means either::

  1. binary on/off
  2. power
  3. on/off with a sleep function

not my point at all. The “unpaid” part was not the a-hole move, it was his demeanor.

I had other very respectful internships with only lunch and transport paid that were fantastic where I came in with limited experience and where I am sure that I was a burden to the system in the beginning.
While in school I find these totally acceptable. But they have to be respectful, positive and there has to be a learning/networking outcome that would clearly be more worth then a couple of bucks here and there.

Windows Vista

doesn’t Apple still come with only 1 mouse button?

Robbie: Buy a PC. I have three USB ports. Two on the right, one on the left. Bing…problem solved.

Sanjy: I thought the same thing. I don’t know what they are complaining about…?

My older Apple Macbook Pro Scroll Pad with a CLICKER:

My new Apple Macbook Pro Scroll Pad with NO SEPARATE CLICKER, making it useless in the PC mode!!! Minimalist design doesn’t mean undermining functionality! :angry:

Just undermining Windows…

Haha, that thought came to mind, but wanted to give Jobs some credit. But, if that was true then I’d imagine the first versions of Macbook Pro would have had the scroll pad with a “hidden” clicker. Rather, I believe Apple wanted to push the cool factor by going minimalist, and foregoing functionality. Or, none of the Apple designers/developers ever owned or operated PC! :laughing:

Another thing on the Apple USB problems. Only Usb Drives on one side!!! what about when I buy an APPLE mouse and it only has a half metre cord. I’m right handed Jonny (Ive). How do I get the mouse cable to run over my keyboard and still give me the room to move it around? A$$hole move…

and also, this:

(sorry the image is so big)

Really? You’re angry that Apple’s trackpad design makes it inconvenient to use a non-native OS?

I use the PC side of my mac all the time and the trackpad has never created such a problem that renders is “useless”. Everything is keyboard shortcuts nowadays anyway.

I guess that all depends on where you are, cost of living, acceptable norms, size of candidate pool … Perhaps I should’ve taken that into consideration. But even a relatively low wage can seem like a lot to a college student. I remember I felt like I was rolling in dough during my internships even though it would seem like a meager sum to me now. :wink: