Worldwide Student Competition -Virtuality Conference 2006

Worldwide Student Competition -Virtuality Conference 2006

After the international success of the student competition juried at Virtuality in 2005, the 2006 contest has been enriched to offer new themes and subjects to be explored. The competition is aimed at students who attend or who have recently finished (at most one year to the date of last attendance) a course towards a degree, an academy, a diploma or a course towards a specialization. The presented work must be created during the period of study or as the final piece of the course. Single students may participate as well as groups, as long as each participant follows the conditions indicated above.

-Animation Short:
The short can be created using 3D or 2D graphics, motion capture data can also be used, and the duration cannot be more than ten minutes. Visual effects and compositing elements may be present, but their inclusion will not be taken into consideration by the jury. Other than the technical aspect, the narration and original idea will also be considered.

-Single Shot or Short with visual effects, 3D and compositing:
This category includes shorts and simple shots in which visual effects have been applied, 3D and compositing. In the case of shorts presented, the narration and original idea will also be considered.

-Videogame Characters:
The character may be modelled with any software used for 3D graphics, but must be made up of a maximum of 5000 polygons. The subject must also be present in a video where texture, rigging and several animations can be seen. The inclusion of the character in several rendering engines for videogames, like Quake and Unreal is optional. The character has to be the product of an original idea of the author. In the presentation film splashes of character design that bring out the character conception may be included.

-Modellation and Rendering for Design:
The modellation may be created with any type of 3D graphic software and must be complete with textures or shaders. The modellation must be presented by means of a film which can be viewed both complete and in wireframe. In the presentation film splashes of product design which demonstrate the product conception may be included, but they are absolutely optional.

-Modellation and Rendering for Architecture:
The modellation, complete with texture or shaders, and the rendering may be created with any type of 3D graphic software or software specified for architecture. The subject created can be inside or outside; other than the technique and the quality of the rendering, the architectural value of the piece will be evaluated. The work may be presented through rendering stills or through video.

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The first prize will be 2500 euro or 3150 american $

First of all, thank you very much for the large number of works submitted, I want just to remember that the deadline is quite close now
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only 15 days at the deadline…urry up