WorldSeries: Solidworks vs Creo

the forum looked like it could use some traffic and w/ the World Series coming up in Chicago tonight …

Forum could use some traffic, so here’s spam!


lol shall i delete it?

I think it’s fun. Did you model those yourself? The realtime render in SW is much sharper than anything I’ve done! I need to play with those environment maps.

Thanks for posting that.
Out of interest what computer specs do you run for Solidworks? Also, it would be awesome if you could post copies of the files here if possible so we can see how you modelled them.

OP edited his post. Before it read more like an advertisement for his tutorials.

with the world series and all… Im not much of a baseball fan I thought it appropriate to model batting helmets. I’ve been trying to do a model per day as fun sorta like how designers post on Instagram a sketch per day. Football helmet next I guess.

I’d subscribe to someone who made a batting helmet tutorial on youtube.

we at desginengine all use Dell Precision workstations. Just ordered a new one and it should be here by Friday. super duper fast bad ass. Need something to work on to keep my mind off of the future of society. Design is not there to help maybe a head in the sand will. LOL

Before you purchase a new machine just double check the specks on your design software website. My bet is anything Dell makes in that Precision category will be appropriate. If you can’t help but be cost conscious choose dell referb. Be sure to purchase the 3 year warranty for 199.00 it’s worth it for sure.

It is about time we put something solidworks related on youtube. This month for sure.

More Spam I guess …

Got my Dell Precision 7100 in today. It actually has an optimization tool for various profiles. Set it to Illustrator , Solidworks or Creo. There are about 10 others.

By the way I was posting the two helmets one modeled in Creo and one modeled in Solidworks to stir up some discussions.

It would be interesting to see how the patch layouts differ between SW and Creo. I modeled a football helmet years ago in SW. I wonder how similar our approaches are.

Cubs fault. They froze hell over. Didn’t thaw by election day. :slight_smile:

at design engine we call one approach to modeling helmets the toupet method where one uses a 4 part boundary at the top then trim that back. There are several approaches to building helmets. All the approaches or workflow or thinkmap … what ever you call it is the same comparing SW and Creo. Alias & Rhino offer various other methodologies that make for compare and contrast more interesting.

It it was not so nice in Chicago today I would be making Riddell football helmets but. training wise I’m mostly doing Creo for the rest of the year thru end of January. Lets get a thread going w/ football helmets since it’s that time of year.

Lowe9: is that in Creo? Looks sorta like it w/ the blue curves at top. Style I presume.

I spent a few min looking up Pro NFL helmets and got discracted by folks taking football High school helmets, cutting them up to Star Wars rebellion helmets. Ill build an illustrator file to get familiar w/ the NFL helmet first