WORLD WAR ROBOT sneak peek at SDCC

something insanely fun we are designing and producing

I just bought that book a few weeks ago… I need one of those robots, keep me in the loop, the book is awesome.

The project looks like it would be a lot of fun to be involved with. I’ve been paying attention to the recent hype/trend of vinyl toys, and I can understand how one would appreciate their design, but I haven’t been inclined to go buy one. But, this robot might be the first actual toy I’ve purchased in a long time.

Yo, where did you purchase the book? I looked it up on amazon, google, etc- no luck. Maybe I’m looking up the wrong title… “WWR”, “world war robot”,

this project is a joy to work on. Defnitly one of the highlights
of our 15 years in the biz.
We have a few exciting things that we are unavailing at Comic Con

Feel free to check out site, we are updating and building it daily


I have Popbot season 3, number 7

Ashley’s site is pretty sweet as well: