Workspace Lighting.

I was just thinking about my workspace, and how the lighting affects the quality of my work. I figured I’d see what everyone else is using for lighting, or for workspace for that matter. Do you guys prefer soft ambient lighting, full-spectrum, sun, or my favorite the over-powering brightness of high-wattage halogens(expensive and hot though). Thread is just based upon my observations about how work environment effects different people’s ability to create, wondering what other people thought about this.

Good question.
Its always sunlight for me. I bought some halogen lamps a few years back, really cheap, & liked them very much. They were great for color work. Then the bulbs started to burn out & I realized how I had gotten such a deal on them. The specs on the bulbs was non-standard, I can’t remember the exact wattage, but I can’t find any replacements.
Wait a minute, I’ve never tried to find them online…
You’re right, they did get pretty hot. :bulb: