workshop for auto interior

I am putting together a hybrid surfacing workshop for auto interiors and hoped for some suggestions in course materials. I listed some out below but want to ask for suggestions … My initial idea is that this workshop would be for engineers working with industrial designers, so much of the initial discussions would be for capturing form that id’ers communicate form using Alias Studio. (engineers try to remodel the forms and fail but don’t understand why they fail)

I am thinking this to be a 2 or 5 day workshop and would couple tips and tricks within Alias Studio, Pro/ENGIENER, Solidworks, any relative CAD tool.

Auto Interior Surfacing< main heading
steering, dash, console design, ductwork, A and B post, flooring, electronics and controls. Can discuss seating.

A-class surfacing, Light reflections, making objects appear smaller than they are thru the use of light and shadow.
tips and tricks for surfacing
capturing form vs proving form

Reverse engineering - restyle, ISDX, Alias Studio
PLA – Discuss use of biodegradable plastics with respect to auto interiors. Pros and cons. NatureWorks Plastic Injection for temperatures lower that 130 degrees (mostly cons)
Discuss automobile interiors and compare to tractor or bus interiors.
Discuss operator controls and functions.
Discuss prototyping
Discuss materials - rubbers, leathers and plastics for long term use with respect to extreme elements ie. cold and hot

Suggest trade shows:
1 Cobo Conference/Exhibition Center Detroit MI June 6-7, 2007
??? is this the only trade show for auto interiors?