Working with recruiters, coaches, etc

Hi all. I’m at a point in my career where I’m really trying to take my next step but, despite my best efforts, finding it next to impossible within the confines my current role and with little to no opportunity for professional growth at my current company.

I have a solid idea of what I’m looking for, but after about a year of concerted effort I’ve haven’t had much success via simply scouring open positions, sending out applications, interviewing (rarely), etc. My partner has also accepted a new position that will eventually relocate us to San Francisco, and while there’s a lot of design work to be had in the city and the Bay Area in general it does considerably narrow my options.

Has anyone had success working with a recruiter or career coach, specifically with the goal of leveling up your role? Do you have someone you’d particularly recommend that understands the funky nuances of design and product/ID roles? I’ve never had much luck with independent recruiters in the past, but obviously my current strategy isn’t bearing fruit and needs to change.

Any advice and guidance would be very much appreciated.

I don’t know if Tom Hirsch is still operating his firm but he fits that description. Will tell you the good the bad and the ugly and push you to really define what you’re about.

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I think Tom is out of the game doing something else now last I chatted with him.

You might want to check out Angela Yeh,