Working on my Sketching

I’m in my first year of Uni doing Product design, we have weekly sessions on visual language, but I want to improve more and i love just relaxing and sketching. I would’t say it’s my strong point however so I am really trying hard to get the basics down and develop a style. I’m going to try and upload stuff daily… if I remember, and would really love to get feedback so my work can improve :slight_smile:

This is from today, it took about 5 mins and I have lost my eraser, hence some odd lines in there and I know that the shadow for the speaker is off. But, like I said, any feedback is good, just try and be mean in a nice way!

Perspective is a bit off.
Without the image saying it was desktop speakers, I would never have thought they were speakers. I would like to see something near it for scale. Q: How big are these speakers? Don’t forget the details, indicate where the speakers are. For examples, speakers are usually covered with a mesh covering. Draw the mesh into your sketch to show where the speakers are. Lastly, correct me if i’m wrong but I am assuming that there are 2 speakers in this area “<” If so, is there a benefit in having one speaker point downward while the other point up?

How are you at sketching a long, straight line?
It took me hundreds and hundreds of blank pages filled with straight lines before I could really nail even just a basic sketch of cube. If you can draw nice straight lines you can throw down a little perspective grid for yourself and that will help alot with your perspective issues.

In the first two drawing classes I had at Uni we spent the first two days just sketching lines and lines and lines. I still do pages of lines to warm up. I think it’s pretty important. When you get really good you can just doodle out a sketch but I think for now it’s really important to always throw down a little perspective grid for yourself.