Working on a Salomon Trail Running Concept

The concept is based around someone who is outdoors obviously and needs a shoe that is durable yet safe. The shoe has GPS for tracking in case of getting lost, a current technology that is being developed in footwear. It also has cushions to prevent “heel strike” and cushioning by the ball of the foot. It is made of mesh for breathing purposes and light weight. It also has reflective material where the circle shapes are for visibility. This is a work in progress and I am open to suggestions about the current rendering as well as the concept.

the rendering looks a lil’ flat, might help to throw more shadows and a few highlights* on it to show how it contours and as long as your at some material indication would go a ways to communicate the your intention. also trails shoes tend to have a more aggressive outsole for increased traction & grip on rough terrain, and while a shoe made of mesh may be breathable, it probably would not provide much in the way of protection or be very durable for its intended use. also check out this thread some better advice: Nike Trail Concept

to illustrate, hope you do not mind me hack job i did on your design…

*i over did it a bit but i hope you see what i am getting at


Irritating how just a little bit of effort makes the sketch come to life.

Irritating in a good way, of course :wink:

GPS on your feet?

Thanks for the help on the rendering. I’m using this render as a concept sketch rather than the final obviously. I have a feeling this project is going to take awhile…

Don’t rush to the render, sketch don’t draw, think on paper and stay loose! If you work up your concept and explore/overlay explore/overlay, you will naturally progress to a render. Here is a page of doodles that I did up the other day for fun, I think this loose style of exploration is more interesting than seeing a rendering.

Make sure you have fun with it and go deep…but don’t over think it.

Here is some quick sketches, including the rendering I fixed.

Can I get some comments on these recent sketches?

Can you post it bigger, because i cant really see :frowning:

If you go to my website, it shows it bigger and is more complete.

They look an awful lot like the already existing Solomon products on your image board.

Yeah…I guess your right…I didn’t want to stray away from their style…I haven’t done the final rendering yet, so maybe I’ll lay down a few more sketches that are different. Thanks for the comment, I’ve been starting to think the same thing.

Go crazy and have fun. They already have designers that can churn out stuff in their existing style, and remember that those designers are working on stuff for 18 months from now… they might be taking it in a different direction.

Don’t show us something that fits nice and neat into what is out now, go out on a limb and show us what this product COULD be!..