Working in the US - Getting sponsored

Hi, I’m from the UK and want to work out in the US. Is getting sponsored the only way to get a job out there (with a H1-B Visa)? Problem is, all the jobs on Coroflot say ‘you must have a work permit to work in the US to apply for this job’. How can I ask for a company to sponsor me if they want a work permit before I even talk to them?!


I am somewhat in the same situation and would love to work in the US in a year when I finish up my masters.
Personally, I think that little Coroflot note is rediculous in this international day and age.
The problem with ignoring it though is of course that the employer might think a) the applicant is ignorant or b) doesn’t read job postings fully. In any case it’s bad.

On the other hand, I would just apply anyway, but make very clear that you have understood the requirment but are convinved that you are worth the investment and paperwork and that you would like to have the chance to convince them as well.

It would be interesting to hear some thoughts from seasoned American designers on this topic.

as I understand it a US employer has to be able to argue that they couldn’t find a qualified American to fill a position.
not to say Designer’s never get sponsored, but it’s extremely rare, perhaps 1/1000?
add in the recession, and if I were you I’d look close to home for those opportunities.

In order to get sponsored, you absolutely must be super-qualified for a position that requires very unique skills. For instance, a former co-worker of mine is from Wales. He is sponsored by the company (helping him get his green card too, paying all the legal fees, etc.) because he has in-depth skills and experience for a particular industry. Few people have his knowledge of the sport and combine that with stellar design skills. He’s been with the company for about 7 years now.

So, in my opinion, if you’re an all-around good designer, that’s not nearly enough to be sponsored by a U.S. firm. You have to have something really special and unique.

This topic has been discussed already! I graduated a year ago, and now I am in the same situation. If you are still a student in the UK you can get a J-1 visa which enables you to work for 4 months. I used it last year and also would like to go for longer but it is very difficult. I guess if you get a temp visa and managed to get some short internship theres always the chance of full time employment.

I’ve worked over 10 years in the US… almost every job I’ve worked in had non-american designers and other professional workers. These were mostly international corporations/consultancies where a foreign perspective would be an asset. It’s not impossible, but like the other’s have said, you have to have bring something special - there are a lot of good US designers looking for work too.

Getting a 4 month J-1 visa and making a great impression might help you do it - American’s typically really like foreigners, so you’d have that going for you. (too bad it’s not always the same for Americans away from home)

I agree with Travisimo, totally possible, but most likely at a large international corporation. a small creative agency is not going to have the resources to sponsor someone.

Thanks guys great responses, looks like it’s improve my portfolio or get a girl drunk in Vegas!

I’m leaning towards toy design so Mattel, Hasbro and Little Tikes would probably be good shouts.