working in the u.s.

hi guys
i’m an italian interior designer who’s about to work in an american company in miami.
i received an offer but i don’t know quite well what to ask in terms of benefits, 401k, vacations… what else? which other kind of benefits should i ask for?
it’s my first work in the u.s.
thanks in advance.

…generally i would take what they have to offer, but you might be able to negotiate some vacation time or reloc expenses if you’re feelin’ lucky.

packages in the US really vary quite a bit depending on the size of the company.

-Things to look for:

401k retirment plan where they match at least 3% of your salary (this is all untaxed and the matching is basically free money)

Full Medical Coverage

Sign on Bonus/relocation package

-Things that happen at some bigger places:

Some kind of profit sharing plan

Dental Coverage

Full relocation package

Some kind of yearly bonus based on performance


  • the “golden handcuff” deal

group rates on home and auto insurance

life insurance for a few times your salary

full partner coverage in medical insurance

gym membership deal


most of these things will be non negotiable, but some things like a sign on bonus or relaocation package have wiggle room built in.

As Ray Charles said “If you ask, the worst they can say is no”


Great advice for him/her and every young designer to absorb.

P.S. I love the quote!

thanx yo, very helpful! :bulb: