working in strategy and then doing a master

I am a graduate looking at roles in design strategy which look quite tempting but have no core product design to them.

I studied product/industrial design for my BA and want to go on and do a masters in a couple of years in product design.

Would working in strategy for a couple of years, still leave the door open for a masters in product design or would the best thing to do then be an MBA and major in design management?

Your thoughts are appreciated.

Do you allready have a job in research? or are you still looking around? (waiting for an offer you can’t refuse…)

Suggest, you explore all the options. Don’t know how easy it is to land a Research job (it;s not that easy here in Europe)

Good luck

it’s my experience that a masters in design won’t help you.

i would go for an MBA/marketing.

nobody gives a shit if you’re a PhD in design, if you don’t undestand the business end your out of the real game.