working in milan

Hi, am studying interaction design in milan, and am on the lookout for free lance jobs,part time; architecture, simulation with 3dmax, autocad drafting, basic design.Any suggestions, reccomedations?

I did an internship in Milan, and I found the best way to get one was to phone all the companies that looked interesting in the “pagine gialle”, and also any companies listed on coroflot here. The advantage is that you can be available to go and show your work and discuss projects if they ask you to… brush up your Italian and give them a ring! Are you at the Politecnic? You could always ask a tutor if they have any connections/suggestions?

Have fun - best year of my life so far! :smiley:

I worked in Milan for a month during my degree. (1998)

My advice is if you have any friends over that way ask them to do some investigation on your behalf.

Italy may be ahead of the game on the furniture front but I found the ID scene a bit behind the times.

Many will want you to work for them but few will want to pay you. fact.

but perhaps with good cad skills you could pick up some work.

Good luck