working as a freelancer for the company you just left

Does anyone have any experience with leaving a job to become a freelancer and being prevented from working with the company they just left, for legal reasons? I have heard of a designer being “blocked” from consulting with the company they just left for a period of at least 6 months, as a preventative from having us all jump ship to make more money consulting, I guess…

I’m curious if there are ways around this. I know that my current employer will still want my work when I am gone.

I’ve never heard of that happening. I’ve done it before if you’re on good terms with the place, they’ll gladly bring you back for freelance. I don’t think it would be a good move if they didn’t, you already know the workflow, no time needed retraining someone new, but they get the benefit of not paying your benefits, etc. or paying you when work is low. Freelancing for your ex-company has always seemed like a win-win. Good luck.

…i worked 18 mos freelance for an employer i had just left…the 6 mo restriction is a new one on me.