working and teaching

I am interested in teaching design as well as working full-time at a major consultancy. Does anyone out there have advice for someone looking to balance these two paths? Has anyone ever negotiated with their employer a shorter work week, allowing time to teach? Thanks for your help.

I currently teach one afternoon each week. My company also me to make up the missed time. Just talk to them about it first.

You can learn a lot from teaching. Might even make you better at the full time job.

It can be tough to balence, but very rewarding. Chances are your company will be excited you are doing and will be willing to work with you. For me it became difficult as I started to travel more.

I have taught a course for 5 semesters…and during that time have also worked full time. My employer doesn’t mind…as long as their work is completed on time.

It does take a bit of balancing in the beginning…putting together usable lesson plans, dealing with students, and misc stuff that goes along with teaching. That and dealing with deadlines at work that might conflict with your teaching schedule.

But as time rolls along it just becomes habit…and you become more confident in handling everything.

Best of luck :slight_smile:

Thanks for everyone’s reassurance - I’ve taught in the past and look forward to doing it again, but it hasn’t supplied the $$ on its own so I’m looking for this balance.