Work Samples .Online......Hot or not....

Recently Grad. Looking for a job now. This is a link to my Work sample online, not my port, just sample works.
Some feedback would be appreciated…!!!


umm not…since you can’t click on the url.

I agree.

If you want people spending time to review your portolio, double ckeck that everything is working. Can you please edit that link? :wink:



… did you happen to notice that the original post is almost three years old?

amazingly the link still works:

Amazing indeed … Pok only made this one post. I guess the two year delay for a response discouraged him. Too bad, nice work, really well rounded projects.

I spent two years, and about thity-thousand miles, developing a sidecar back in the eighties. I noticed a couple of things that he should have been made aware of …

But something, call it a gut instinct, tells me he didn’t encounter too much difficulty landing a job.

I did, I did notice…I figured it wouldn’t hurt to answer unanswered posts…and I guess it didn’t…thanks yo…the link was very linkable and his work is very good and I also think he had no difficulty finding a trabajo!

Good Job Guys, No.2

please stop spamming 2 year old post with 1 line no-brainer replies. your posts only bring the worst to the forum in lack of thought and self-promo garbage.

as you arent advertising britney p0rn, i would think you may be a person rather than a machine so i would so think a thought process would ocurr before you post such trivial junk in every old post.