work quality + time spent = ... ?

I quit my job last week. I was doing Art Direction for a publicity agency experimentally and I refused to sign an absurd IP contract, so I’m doing free lance again. I’m somewhat lost in how much I should charge summing the time I spend on every job and the quality of the outcome. I need you guys to both check my portfolio at and tell me how strong my work is and also help me set an average amount of money I should charge hourly.

I do web design mostly but I’m also very inclined to do print. I’m somewhat new to it but I feel I have what it takes to get started. Should I charge equally for both types of job? Also, does anybody know what works best in the hunt for free lance work?

I’m a current resident in Brazil but americans outsource to me most of the time.

Great portfolio! Unfortunately I don’t know what Graphic Designers charge per hour. I’m sure there is someone here who can help out. Nice work though!