Work outside work

I was checking out the videos on the core front page of the glif guys (which by the way are great and very informative) and they start of saying they are designers at two different design firms. They continue to work there but also started up a their own studio based on the success from their glif on kickstarter. How well does that generally go over at a design firm when the employees start their own thing on the side? I would imagine it depends on the company but does anyone here have experience on doing their own design outside work?

I wonder if these guys made initial prototypes using their works 3d printer or if they did everything outside. I would love to go and 3D print my own stuff at work but i’m not sure it would go over well with the boss.

Anyway, I recommend checking out the videos if you have not already.

Pretty sure they outsourced all the prototypes. Some joint in the Netherlands or something.

Its written in my contract that effecticely prohibits me from doing any outside work for profit. It’s worded in such a way that if I design anything outside that is related to the work we do as a consultancy (and seeing as were a big consultancy we do pretty much anything in every field CE, Med,Trans etc.) I can be sued\fired\disciplined etc… Even competition’s that have a monetary value that relate to the work we do as a consultancy I can’t take part in.

Shrug. Well I was always encouraged to do some aside projects, just to flex the design muscle a little.
Of course no competitions and no side work for clients or would be clients. So pro bono work or work
that possibly could flow back into the consultancy was “liked”. In the end those rules didn’t leave very
much on the table.


Yeah they used and they modeled it with the free Rhino for mac beta.

I found their background info a bit confusing… one of the guys worked at frog, but had no experience with industrial design, and it was the first time they had used 3D modeling. Perhaps they are web designers or GD or something.

I have something in my contract as well (in-house), which even prohibits me to use the know-how anywhere else which is a little ridiculous. But assume they mean specific manufacturing process and stuff, and not my ability to outsource a 3D model for RP.