Work in the Industry as a Materials Scientist

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I came across these forums whilst googling like mad trying to think of a career path after I graduate this coming june. For the last three and a half years I’ve been studying at Oxford University (in England) for a MEng degree in Materials Science. I’m at a real loss as to what to do when I finish and I really don’t want to go to Grad School so I’m frantically trying to think about my options. I’d be really interested in being involved in the product design/industrial design process and I was wondering in what capacity this would be possible as a Materials Scientist. I’ve noticed that a few agencies (like frog design) have materials positions in their careers section, but that is about all the information I could find! I guess what I really want to know if a role would exist for someone with my qualification in this business of yours!

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it would be a good idea to find the environment you like most.

some companies want to work with specific materials while others a general all around eng.

i assume a lot of testing with lab equipment to meet standards.

maybe contacting an equipment company like varian and ask them for a list of their clients who do design would help.

I don’t recommend entering the field as a materials scientist. I worked at frog as an engineer and they didn’t have materials people then - and they’re a small but evil empire. frog is a sweatshop, and most of the designers and engineers have long hours slaving over large computers. it’s not what it’s cracked up to be. you’re better off finding a small design firm - there are so many in the UK, and joining as a materials scientist with an eye to rounding out your skill set - to engineering - or to design strategy - or even account management.

good luck.