work in Europe

How about work in Europe?

Especially in Italy and Germany for industrial designer? Is it difficult for Asian designer or not …to work there if he/she graduated from Asian Uni.?

it´s all about quality of work, connections, personal skills…

but as said if your work is good u have good chances if all visa issues are not a problem (germany)

we receive applications from all over the world and I have to say that asian designers tend to be a bit “kitschi” in their design approach, but others have really nice portfolios “western standard” alike.

if you post your work than I could give you some input if desired.

You mean if some asian designer who has enough “westerner standard-work,skill” and good connection, so could try to find jobs there. That 's interesting! ha ha maybe I am far from that.

Anyway, lingual obstracle is one thing for us. We are not influnce in English.

(Maybe you can see my portfolio at Aniwat Rerkrai, Chief Designer, Moen Incorporated in Shanghai, China)


as far as I can see you mainly worked in the “wooden toys” section of ID.

I could imagine of having troubles in landing a job with this “niche” section in germany.

maybe I’m completely wrong (come from another section)… but if you want to stick with it I think you would have a hard time over here in the EU.

but I would just say try and see what happens.
do your research and send your portfolio.

As you see, almost of my work is in “wooden toy” , I know it’s very tiny section and hard to find job in another area.

I have some freelance jobs to design houseware and some jewelry set. Because I dont want to stick in toy industry. So I try to jump out of it.

Anyway, thanks for your suggestion!