work in Boston

Hi! I have been an Art Director for 6 years and am moving to Boston.
Any ideas about how to find a job? I am going through job search engines on the web and no one seems to answer. If you know how to reach potential employers for an interview, let me know.

Also, if you know the best design studios and agencies in Boston, let me know.

Thanks a lot,

The AIGA has a database of designers that you can search by location and specialty. That’s probably a better strategy than asking a bunch of ID students for advice.

I was looking to move to Boston, too. thanks for the info

I’m a student and unfortunately, I do have contact to a big firm in Boston.

BTW, Ideo, Design Continuum, Altitude are all around Boston area. There’s also New Balance, Converse and a bunch of other firms. Tons of places here, dono about opportunities.

unfortunately you have contact… how very unfortunate that your contact may help you get a job someday. yeah, that’s really too bad.

im not sure how any of that is going to help an art director, although you would think that someone with six years of experience would have a clue about how to look for a job. or would know about the aiga and the like.

ana gonzalez can you post a picture?