Work experiance

Mostly for my own interest, I wanted to set up a bit of a discussion on students experience or problems in finding work experience abroad in europe.

I’m Irish myself and looking to spend a few months of this year (2007, wow) in Sweden, Nederlands or Germany.

Been at it a bit but haven’t found much info, especialy about smaller social/eco aware design firms.

So if you got anything of interest to say… say it.

Nice to find this! I’m currently looking for the about the same, although the country doesn’t really matter to me. Next year I’m planning a year off at school; a year to make a portfolio for a master program, to learn things not learnt at school, to do contests and to gather some work-experience (if possible part-time). The hardest part will be finding the job like you said. I started searching in my own country and found these “companies”. Probably only Quinze & Milan is big enough to have jobs available, but maybe that’s aiming too high for a bachelor student like me. :slight_smile:

So if there are other Belgians to enlarge this list (bit in the same style), or others like you who can be helpful… Maybe you’ll find something interesting in the list?

Good luck!

PS It looks like you’re planning to do Man&Humanity @ DAE. :slight_smile:

Cool, Thanks for the input.
I’v collected a bit of info myself since I first posted this thread and i’l have it up soon.

anyone else? ??