wooden serving tray design,What needs improvement?

I don’t want to sound overly offensive, but I really really dislike the photos! I think the scene you have created for the context is terrible, very early 80’s… please change it! The scene is suppose to compliment your design. Also, why is a cup that has a saucer on a tray? (the saucer in itself is it’s own tray for a cup).

As for the design, I’m not sure how comfortable it would be to use… I’d imagine there would be a lot of pressure on the thumb for the person holding the tray. Also, it looks very thick… does it need to be that thick? How would it be finished? Sheen lacquer? Protective from spillages etc.?

I agree with the photo comments. I do not think that they are putting the products in the right context. Attached is a photo by Marshall Troy of a new food storage system, Sorry if you were not looking for that type of feedback. Also, I think these would look great in a recycled laminate…like paperstone.

The first plate has a much more appealing form to me. There is something about how the corners come to a point that is much more appealing to me than the second image. Also the second image shows a really flat grained veneer that is a bit unappealing compared to the bamboo in the first image.

The images, to me, have an appealing retro weirdness to it that I must say I like. The images have this sort of same visual boldness as Dirk Wynants’ Extremis collection (see Welcome designcrack.com - BlueHost.com)that I wrote a post about.

Thank you, your opinions, I think will help us greatly, we will make your opinions, and further improvement.

The color you have any good suggestions?

I only say not to be a jerk when it is inevitable.

I think the 70’s/80’s photo may be appropriate because thats when those plates were initially designed. Sorry.

However, all is usually not lost, check out a lot of the sushi trays that are coming out these days. Also I think you can do a little better then the ole’ butcher block pattern for them. Lets see some crazy new material that I’ve never hear of being used in a way totally inconsistent with its creation. Or… go totally sustainable as mentioned above, bamboo is huge right now for the kitchen, go to bed bath and beyond if you have a moment. That will at least show you what is already happening so you can be a step ahead. I agree that the turned up corners are cool, and they are also cool on the Japanese style square plates I bought for entertaining. If your just in love with wood, which I am, check out what Olympus developed to make wooden camera cases. they figured out how to “mold” wood into any shape making it super strong in the process.

I thought this is about those that waiters use to serve. Those can use a lot if improvements.

I like the design of the plates, in my opinion the corners in the second image is to sharp. Other than that it would be nice to see some other color variations maybe a very dark wooden material.