Wooden Robots

Oh cool…


I was drooling all over my keyboard yesterday when I saw these on boing boing

thanks for posting!


Yeah, when I see things as cool as this it makes me want to hang it all up. I don’t know anything.

Maybe I’ll try and sell real estate instead…

It’s really cool items. they using the wood increadiblely perfect.

This was a well thought out idea. I love the use of the different species woods. The wood grains give the surfaces an amazing looking depth or texture.

yea but is it really that cool if it cost too much to let the kids play with it? Only for big kids?

don’t hang it up, let it drive you.

realy inspiring

Yes it is that cool!! And yes, it’s only for the big kids!! :laughing:


those are sweetness. I love 'em

I love them.

man, those are totally cool!!!

These are really cool. How much are they going for?

Another site-

Not so much about the woodgrain but intresting stuff–