Wooden Motorcycle

This ‘bike’ is all over the web … no one seems to know who built it.

Do you?

I think I would trust riding a bamboo version before this 2x4 example.

none-the-less, quite creative.

Wasn’t that the Kimberly-Clark theme bike from American Chopper?

Two things, Morgan has had Ash frames for as long as I know, and still do. And K-C had an OCC bike made? Man no cable makes me fall off with the blue collar television.

I’ve seen several pictures of a Japanese guy riding that thing .

“Alabama - Roll Tide” on a poster in the background, next to a car which appears have a “european” license plate on it, ridden by a “Japanese guy”.

Even the road surface under the bike looks “not north american”.

an enigma…

So what Japanese people can’t live in the US or Europe? I didnt say it was made in Japan.

I didnt say it was made in Japan.

No friend, you certainly did not. So, why would you leap to the assumption that I thought you did?

But come to think of it, are you sure the guy was Japanese? Maybe he was a German, maybe even French, of Japanese descent. Or maybe he was a Nisei, living in Tuscaloosa? Or, perhaps a Red Elephant who enjoys displaying a reference to his Alma Mater (next to a car which apparently has “european” license plates) who loaned his wooden motorcycle to an apparently Japanese person. Maybe we can assume he was some guy who got fed up with riding a worn out, beat to death, 350 Honda, and built something better out of it.

But then, you know what happens when we assume.

Well I think this may be getting a bit out of hand, the only reason I said he was Japanese was because I remember seeing a picture of an asian guy riding a wooden motorcycle and on the discussion board somebody commented he was Japanese, and dressed like a one of those Japanese “Brat” biker guys. I tried to find the picture but the site is in the middle of switching servers. But all your points are valid and in fact for all I know it could possibly be a different wooden bike. anyways if the site comes back up I’ll see if I can track down the pic, maybe theres more info there as well. I love the wacky homebuilt springer on that thing.

Now it truely is a mystery.

I found this shot on line this afternoon at Ratbike.org. The caption refers to a meet held in Crimmitschau, Germany, April 2005, and only states, “22hp Honda engine”. Note “Old School” helmet too … thought those were illegal in the Vaterland.

So… maybe he really was a German graduate of the University of Alabama, who enjoys displaying symbols of his Alma Mater, got fed up riding his worn-out, beat to death 350 and built some better out of it, and loaned his bike to a Japanese friend … maybe. OR, maybe a Japanese bratbiker stole it … … . .

Found a couple of other wooden bikes too, but neither have the “charm” of the of the first one.

If you are ever in the Wisconsin Dells, at the believe it or not place they have a wooden Mercedes- Benz gull wing coupe. But it’s a boat! Whoa!