Wooden Furniture Corner Fillet Radius

Hey anyone here knows the standard fillet radius for the corners of wooden furniture like cabinetry?

I am a noob at furniture-making, sorry, hope to learn something from you guys here.

Is there a standard one anyway? Or do they just leave the corners without filleting at times?

Thanks for your responses. :smiley:

Some edges are square and some are curved…depends on what you want. Go down to the local tool/hardware store that sells construction/carpentry tools and ask them to show you a router and the bits that it uses. There are a range of sizes and edge patterns.

not quite sure what you mean by ‘fillet radius’ but…it largely depends on the edgebanding thickness. Assuming you are refering to european-style cabinetry, one commonly used banding material is 3mm thick, thus the radius applied is a 3mm radius. 2 & 1.5mm is common as well. also, quite frequently the edges are treated with a chamfer, which is cut with straight knives set at a 15-degree angle—

let me know if this helps :wink:

thank you for your replies. Erm… a wooden frame sofa that I have has its edges sort of made by gluing layers together… its hard to describe… but somehow there’s a smooth edge to it. I wonder how is that done? Especially when the layers of wood are thin. Hope u can understand, if not, its ok dudes.