Wooda competition

I stumbled on this in an issue of Dwell magazine. Not sure how legit it is.

You send in your original (not currently produced or sold), design file for a furnishing item (see categories on this page) and our curatorial team will jury them for possible production and inclusion in the Wooda collection. You will be notified whether or not your design is accepted for production. If accepted, you will be sent a contract to sign, which will allow Wooda to exclusively produce your item for three years with first option for renewal. You will always own your design. Once produced, your design will be priced and available for sale directly to the public on the Wooda site, and you will receive a 10% royalty for each one sold. Each piece will be numbered and stamped with the Wooda logo and your signature. You will be able to purchase one of your own designs at a 40% discount.

We know that historically, the most iconic designs have been created by the greats of industrial design. We want to be a part of that exciting legacy. Many designers dream of working in wood, but don’t have the facilities to realize that dream. We would be honored to bring your very best designs for wood to life. Amaze us!


It sounds interesting.
I always wonder what happens to the designs that are sent in but don’t win the competition, it would be pretty rough to see a slightly adapted version come out at a later date with no recognition.

Not that I’m saying these guys would do that, just a general thought I have about these types of competitions.


I went to school with someone who works at Wooda; it’s totally legitimate. One thing I’ve noticed is they have had an incredibly small & focused portfolio for awhile now. I feel like that’s a really good sign.

But yes, I would tell anyone who submits to them to not get hurt if variants of their ideas are taken awhile down the road. Even if it’s unintentional, it’s impossible to erase memories and previous ideas from your head. If the designers happen to like your idea but it still doesn’t win, I’m sure it will still stick.

Thanks for vouching for the TSE2. I always wonder about these things as well so it is helpful to have someone post who knows them!