without glue (almost !), nails, or CNC machine


I would like to invite you to see the publication of my project " beech - 105 pieces of solid wood ".

This stool which is, in my subjective opinion, more than functional or decorative can be viewed as a manifesto : somewhat naive yet created in the language of cabinetmaking and closely allied to architectural principles and endowed with a strong social context.

The result of my work is presented via this Website :

A video explaining the conception :

A introduction text (PDF file) :

By publishing this content on a wide terrain I seek the reactions of those who also appreciate fine woodwork. I wish to continue on my path, and create carefully thought-out objects like the one I completed in about 500 days. I value your constructive critiques or proposals to further evolve my sincere approach to this art/craft, particularly as it is no doubt perceived as absurd by the current world which is running at full speed.

Do not hesitate to write your comment me or to spread this message / like the address of my Website.


It took you 500 days to design this piece?