wireless networking

If you have a cable modem, is it automatically assumed that it also contains an internal wireless access point for adding wireless network adapters? Or do you have to have a separate peripheral to serve as the access point in addition to the cable modem?

most modems don’t have a wi-fi link in them, best to buy a wireless router so you can shre your connection or by a wifi access point.

Does anybody know if the Motorola SBV5120 Surfboard Cable Modem has a built-in Wi-Fi link?
This is what I have for my main internet connection, and I have a linksys wireless 802.11g adapter on another comp., but it transmits data at very slow speeds (about 12mbps max. ) and it frequently kicks me off. Any tips are appreciated. Thanks.

No it doesn’t. Go buy a Linksys wireless router. Should cost you about $50 depending on where you live.

Also, 12mbps isn’t a slow speed. The physical maximum transmit speed vs what you actually get are two different things. Chances are in a normal day you will never max out the 12mbps limit. Wireless G will max out at 54mbps but the main advantage of Wireless G is that it typically has a much longer range.