wireless networking

I am trying to set up a wireless network at home. I have two PCs, and I have a Motorola 850G wireless router attached to the host computer. On the host computer I have a cable modem which works perfectly fine. On the other computer, which I assume is a “client” computer, I have a lynksis wireless adapter. I had set this up before, but I have no idea how I did. Anyway, the thing that I don’t understand is that I can’t connect to the internet from the client computer, although when i check the network settings it tells me that it’s connected to the wireless network, and that it’s transmitting data at a rate of 54 Mbps. Clearly the wireless network that I’ve set up is detected and can even be connected to, but I cannot connect to the internet. Any idea why this is? Please help.

have you installed the modem software on your client?

My home network is set up differently. I have no notion of a “host” or “client” PC.

  1. The broadband connection plugs into the cable modem.
  2. The cable modem plugs into the Linksys wireless router (no computer necessary.)
  3. The wireless router spreads the signal around the house (and can also accept direct plug-in connections for non-wireless computers.)

There is no software involved at all. BUT, the router must be configured properly to talk to your service provider.

I tell my router to use DHCP. This automatically assigns an “IP address” to every computer on the network. I also tell it to use WEP, which makes the network secure and requires that each computer know the password.

For help, go to www.linksys.com and click on the “learning center.”

there might also be something wrong with the firewall.