Wireless iPod Speaker - Social Interaction.

im 2 weeks into my final year of D&T at university, a large proportion of which we spend working on our major design project.
i’ve decided to do wireless ipod speakers. Everyones got an ipod with all their music on, lot of us have also got speaker docks which work really well, but how much better would they be if you could pop the speakers off the base unit and place them round the room / house / garden. Its very early stages but at the moment my thinking is that the base station would have mains power and room to house or nest maybe 5 of 10 small speakers. each speaker will need to have its own battery, RF receiver and automatically charge when placed on the base station. I think this would be great for parties or relaxing as you can scatter them round the room.

Another side of the project that i find really interesting is the interaction with the speakers. I want to make the music more social, interactive and playful. this might mean making the speakers the size and shape of a tennis ball so they can be held in the hand, could they have a soft covering so they could be rolled / thrown around, maybe volume up = shake the speaker and volume down = tilt it upside down, maybe to turn them on you have to touch 2 together, or they give out a glow of light that reflects the music.

It terms of getting a working model for my degree show i was thinking of bashing together some current products / parts (such as How-To: Build Wireless Speakers from RF Headphones | Engadget) and vacuum casting the housing.

I’m really happy with my choice of topic as i think i have a lot to work with but it would be great to get some feedback and see what others think, how it could be improved and how the hell im gonna pull off the electronics.

Cheers :slight_smile: