wireframe in rhino


i’m working on a portfolio, and would like to include a wireframe graphic of an rhino project.
but if i use the screenshot-option at the shading menu the resolution is too low. the same problem with irfanview and other screen-capture-prog.

does anyone know if there is an option to get that in a better quality, eg render it or something?

looking forward

jo smot

Have you tried the “Make 2D drawing” feature? If you do it with the hidden lines enabled you should get what you need.

To add to cyberdemons post…

Use the Make2D function while you have the view you want in the perspective window.

Then export the linework as an Adobe Illustrator file. You will now be able to open the linework as vector in Illustrator and be able to play around with the colour, stroke weight, etc…

If you have access to 3D Studio, import your Rhino model and apply a standard material with the wireframe checkbox selected. It will render it out in that color with the lines showing…

If you use the “-viewcapturetoclipboard”/file command (the “-” shows various options at the command line)you can pick the resolution. In V4 you can also turn on antialiasing.

You could render it showing the wireframe by checking the “show curves and isocurves” box under the “render - properties” pull down menu. It you want just a wireframe, make the object translucent (for the rendering) and the layer with the wireframe whatever color you want - this will “render” just the wireframe.

you can overlay accurate Illustrator lines over a low res screen capture. That can clean up the edges well

thx @ all of you

i tryed some of your suggestions and all worked really well.