wip:portfolio site

not fully realized, trying to get it done, but please hit me with comments and suggestions, would really appreciate it…


thanks in advance


Your pages are way too big. I’m looking at this on one of my office computers set to 1024x768 and main images are scrolling sideways off the page. Thats fine for your horizontal navigation, but not the main content.

You need to pick a resolution and target it. I would take all your main images into photoshop and resize them so that nothing is wider than 900 pixels (950 max). It’s ok for things to be taller than the available space but not wider.

Remember that not everyone is blessed with widescreen monitors and high resolutions like designers are used to. It overpowers the screen to the point that I don’t even want to look at the content.

ok cool, anything else confusing of off putting about the general layout?

A few things:

  1. Navigation is confusing to me. Nothing is spelled out- just images of stuff that I am unsure of. When I am looking for at portfolios I want to see some type… something spelled out in the navigation. This is my: resume / footwear / autos / sketches / etc.

  2. The “click here” doesn’t go anywhere that I can find- just an about me animation. Thinking this is a work in progress…

  3. Resume has different orientations and is difficult to read the awards, objective and interests. Also, it is a image file- no way to cut and paste parts of the resume. When I am refering people for positions I often cut and paste specific parts of their resume to managers so they can be like “oh he has experience with with Fast Food service” or whatever. I would make it html text, word or pdf.

  4. I wish there was a little more verbage about the projects- what were your thoughts on these, year completed, role, etc? Also, I don’t personally like the scroll down- would rather have a click through navigation, but this is my preference…

  5. Sketch wall is a cool idea but it should remain consistant to other “portfolio” areas of your site.

  6. A scroll bar shows up on the bottom frame of my window- but it doesn’t scroll anywhere.

  7. Like stated above- this is formatted way to big.

There is a thread of good crit on my site here:

Hope this helps. Some nice work here.

If you want to see some really clean portfolio websites, check out.




good resources:


thanks for the comments pezzy! yeah still working things out, not really sure of how i want it to be…

mmjohns, all those sites are flash…point taken though

They might be in Flash but there isn’t a single layout in the mix that couldn’t be reproduced to some degree or entirely through the use of xhtml and css.

I would get away from using tables and frames to make a website, no one uses those anymore since people have started moving to web standards.

I would recommend taking a look at www.csszengarden.com and possibly the book that they made to go with it. With css you can make a single stylesheet to control the entire website and you will never have to mess with cutting up images into slices and strips for table cells, you can place things to the exact pixel.

look at how they structure things using sets of

tags, its pretty easy once you get the hang of it. If you need to look as peoples stylesheets, look at the source code to find the path and copy it onto the end of their web address.