Is that karim in the photo?
no, looking for one myself.

um…Why not design one for yourself? I havent bought anything for ages now, just design it and prototype it and wayhay whatever i want plus more work for the portfolio.

go on!

yeah quit buying stuff. design and prototype everything. You probably have time for it! Sell you house and move into the woods.

Yea, with a mango and a microwave, you won’t even need a girl friend anymore. has a bunch of stock Wine Racks, wood, wire & beyond.

I’ve always thought this was a cool Rack. Product specific but cool.

This is an aussie designer. The rack is made up of extrded aluminium. You can keep adding sections to increse the height.

This is from Rosendahl


I like that big one, you could get wasted!

best object to hold a wine bottle is your baah ole.


Jeez Deez! The wall one looks like a christmas tree!!
Why not going for a good old wooden one? Wine is about age and tradition anyhow.

as well as cork soaking

Anyone in here ever try cork soaking?

So about the wine rack on the front page of CORE…what do you do when your drunk and you want the bottom bottle, when the rack is full?

This one’s pretty neat.
Puzzle wine rack by Gideon Dagan

Yes, that is pretty nice

I stand my bottles of wine up on the flat underside, the face at the bottom. I find that storing them this way saves loads of room and they dont roll away. I got the idea from my local wine store. You can turn them so the lables face front too.

i can’t “store” wine anymore. the more i have, the more i drink. if i have one bottle, i drink one bottle. if i have five, i drink five. if i have ten, i drink ten. any good rehab programs out there?

no one likes a quitter, hang in there

LOL. ha ha ha!

Please close this retarded thread.