Wine Rack Coffee Table

I had an idea for a coffee table that would display your bottles of wine. I still need to do some work on it, but to see if anyone had any suggestions to make it look better.
coffee table 3.jpg

Hey ! That’s cool !
I think that this is a very good idea and proposal !

As you want some point of view, here is mine! :
you could try to make it less massive, much “narrow”. I think that because of this “heavy look” you coffee table looks old…

Let me know about your progress…
Good work !

It makes sens as an idea - would be handy when friends are over a many bottle evening. I agree that it looks a little heavy too (literally & sculpturaly). Rendering shows your form well. You might want to illustrate a wine bottle in there

If your going for more mainstream furniture sales, you might be very close - I could picture people buying something like this. For a real breakout design though, I think you should push it a lot further and really work on making the overall form or the details more unique. Maybe the pattern in the wine-holder area could be explored more

it looks a bit high to me to be a coffee table. Maybe just have one row of bottles? might look cool and kinda be a “showpiece” for your wine instead of just storage. just a thought.

Interesting idea, I can imagine it filled with pinot noir and drinking bottle after bottle while chilling out around the table. I also agree looks very chunky. Get rid of the legs and the box structure and just have the wafer rack design with a piece of glass over the top as the table surface.

I like it. It’s great for mainstream sales. Nothing too shocking. Very big box retail. I’d do a single sheet of thick glass & get rid of the wood inserts. I think the tops wood looks nice, but I’m thinking about the mess when someone knocks a glass of wine over.

Your rack has a 3/4/3 pattern (the top and bottom rows are 1/2 rows and I assume aren’t functional). I would make it a 4/3/4 pattern, you will get an extra bottle in there and may lighten it. Also, change the 1/2 rows with cut-outs or different color/material or whatever you can think of, it will refocus the eye and create additional interest.

This reads as a block. Have the top extend beyond the rack. Scallop the rack, the face does not need to be in the same plain. The legs also need not be in the same plain as the top and rack. Look at the top/legs/rack as different elements.

A picky thing about the rendering. The grain is for the whole object where the legs will be a separate part and the grain will run parallel with the length.

All in all, a good start. Will you post any refinements?

Thanks for all of your suggestions. I will put them to use and as soon as I am ready I will post some new pics. Thanks

It reminds me of a design I did a long time ago where bottles of liquer were loaded at an angle under the table with their own tappers. You can drink your way into a stuper without leaving the couch! This has a much broader appeal. :slight_smile:

I would think a little bit about manufacturing the middle. Maybe three pieces of bent plywood attached at the legs would look nice and would’t be too difficult or expensive. A wood and stainless steel combo version might be hot also.

This thing would be a bitch to make. The main concern is the bottle part. the rounds that you have in the slots would make it damn near impossible to make (decently anyway). However, it does have a certain appeal. I can also see this in a big box place. Cant you post a dimensional? Why did you go with the sizes that you did? What are you hoping for cost? Materials?

Awesome. I’m currently making a wine rack and a coffee table. I feel like I’m doing twice the work.

In the model shown the dimensions are 38" x 18" x 18" but I will have to change that so it is either 1 or 2 bottles deep. It did the sizing pretty quick the first time, when I fix it I will have to look at what the average size of most coffee tables are.

I took a furniture class in college and built a coffee table. I sits in the basement of my house at the moment because it doesn’t work with the rest of the furniture. I wish I had done this, It would sitting proudly in front of the couch. Cool concept!!!

work on the detailing. something to break the large verticals and horizontals, like shadowlines, relief cuts of accents.

maybe a bent glass top that doubles as a serving tray?

consider a more unique shape, like round or rounded triangular?

the rack reminds me of corrugated cardboard…wonder if something along that construction would be interesting?

How are you planning on making it? I agree, stacked up bent ply would be a different way of doing it. This kind of product is pretty common, and usually done with slots cut into a flat shelf, or square dividers. A place to put glasses and/or a bottle opener would be handy too.

Also agree with the earlier comment, that is a very tall coffee table. And why have legs? Play up that undulating thing you’ve got going. As it is, the legs are fighting with it.

You have an opportunity to use some material contrast. A lighter wood like maple, or something more expensive with more figure to it :stuck_out_tongue: might make the table pop… and act as a picture frame around the glass, framing the view below.

Agree with Scott:

And why have legs?

If you have sufficient structural integrity to hold wine bottles and table top, the vertical table legs are unnecessary.
Also, is the term ‘coffee table’ still relevant or appropriate? Perhaps ‘wine stable’ communicates your different reference point and point of view.

Is there anyway you can insert the image, I can’t seem to download the image that’s already been inserted and I’d love to see what everyone is talking about…