Windows (Toshiba) Vs CULT of MAC???????????which one !!

Based on the mail titled “Windows (Toshiba) Vs CULT of MAC???which one !!” in GENERAL DISCUSSION FORUM, which one of the following should i finally go for?

  • System 1 : TOSHIBA A105 -windows based laptop
  • System 2 : Apple ibook (1.42 GHz. 512 MB RAM, 14.1 ")

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hey guys,

please help me decide which system would be suitable for me. Its a war between WIndows and MAC.

system 1

i just bought a toshiba satellite A105 configuration : 1.73 Ghz Intel Core duo, 1.5 GB RAM, 120 GB H disk, actually this one

Price $ 1100 (with a $100 mail in rebate, which is kinda dicey, anyhow!)

back in india my friend and senior is selling an ibook Thats the system 2 for me


8 month old but well maintained

1.42 G4
L2 Cache 512k at 1.42 Ghz
142 Mhz system bus
512 MB Ram, extendable to 1.5 GB
14.1" screen
Mac OS X version 10.4 Tiger

he is also giving me an apple wireless mice, in case sleeves, office for mac, i works, plenty of softwares , songs etc.

Price $1200

About me
I am an industrial designer, do CAD. have a pretty high end system at my home which in any way i am not gonna sell. Its P4 3.33GHz, 1 GB RAM, 180GB H disk etc basically suited for graphics- CAD and gaming.

Which system do u feel i should be buying. I know apple is a lower end one but my pros for apple are

  • In case i have two high end systems (windows based) it is quite likely i wont use the laptop that often coz i just travel once a month outside the city.
  • THe guy is reliable and is giving me all the softwares installed already so i wont be requiring another buying spree.
  • Wxperience Experience Experience, does Apple experience last for long. I think it does, i think its a gud eduacation for a designer t0 be learning apple, but some of the guys i have asked about (well none of them had mac) said it is just for a week. I would like to have an opinion from someone who has used a mac, coz they must have possibly used windows too and must be a better judge.

I dont think i will be going for another machine in the next 3 years, and anyways i am not gonna use the laptop for business work or CAD.

Please help me decide which one of the two to take. Rememebr i have a high end desktop at home, and i appreciate mac but wanted to be sure if it was worth it…thanx very much guys

I have added a poll to this please read the mail , respond through mail and also answer the poll. thanx for ur time guys