Windows 8, tablets and PS

I can’t find it in the articles I have read, or it is more likely I don’t understand the articles I have read - ARM, x86, x87, whatever it takes.

Do you think Windows 8 will allow me to use Photoshop on a tablet instead of some silly app? If not, when will my wish for vaporware come true?

Yes. One of the key components of Windows 8 (which I absolutely hate) is that it maintains the legacy UI from Windows 7. Basically, the desktop is an app you can open, and within that app is the ever-familiar Windows 7 UI. So yes, you will be able to run whatever applications you could run before in that environment. However, it is likely that Adobe could, in the upcoming years, release an app that will be in its own contained environment.

It’s very confusing. Here’s an example: In Windows 8, you can launch the IE10 app, which is fantastic and speedy and chromeless (full screen mode without UI elements unless you want to). HOWEVER, at the same time you can also go to the Desktop app, and open up IE9 within the Windows 7 environment.

Yes, it’s confusing, and yes, it’s stupid. But I guess Microsoft has so many corporate clients that if they make a huge shift to the new Metro UI, there might be some hesitation on the leadership’s part to risk customer backlash.

Yes - but with conditions. x86/x64 are the standard 32/64 bit versions of Windows 8 that will run legacy apps and drivers since that has been the Intel/PC standard for 2+ decades.

The issue will be for the ARM version of Windows 8 which will have the same UI and experience, but is based on a new mobile based platform. To my knowledge, none of these apps will be supported on ARM unless they are re-released by the software makers (Adobe in this case) - so it may happen eventually, but if you did purchase one of those tablets I would not expect to have your copy of CS5 to work.

Good point. Completely forgot that. ARM is notable for its power frugality, and thus has great potential for mobile devices to last longer. “x86 apps aren’t designed with power frugality in mind” - Microsoft (Windows 8 On ARM Won't Run X86 Apps Microsoft Admits - SlashGear)

Any crystal-ball prognostications to when CS5 will work on a tablet?

  1. But you won’t even need a computer by then…

Crystal ball says “ask me again when CS7 comes out” haha.

But seriously, my guess would be CS7 or 8 at this point. Not sure how much demand will exist for ARM based desktop apps. But I can’t tell the future any better than the next guy.