Windows 7 + Solidworks

Anyone take the plunge yet? I’ve been running through the discussions on the SW board and most people seem to be able to run SW 2009 SPxx on Windows 7 with only minor tweaks.

I was going to take the plunge tonight with my shiny new copy of W7, but don’t want to muck-up my bread-and-butter CAD software.

Anyone?? Anyone? Bueller???

The official word is that SolidWorks is scheduled to support Windows 7 for SolidWorks 2010 SP1 (subject to change).
Please visit the system requirements page for the most up to date information about operating system support.

The official word is wait for SW 2010 SP1 (November). But there is a rather long discussion of compatibility with SW 2009 here:

Early adopters seem to be having some success with the RTM versions (not beta versions). I’m looking for a warm-and-fuzzy so I don’t bollix-up my computer.

I think it’s kind of nasty practice, meaning you’re technically not one a “windows 7 supported” version unless you update to SP1, which requires you to have maintenance. They couldn’t have pushed the release back a little? I love Solidworks here but seriously I don’t think 2010 has all that much new to it, they could have pushed it back.

I know this thread is old, but how did this turn out, one-word-plastics? Did you (or anyone else) end up going for it? Any issues?

We’re about to upgrade computers here, and are debating whether we should take the Windows 7 plunge. It seems great as an OS, but for now we definitely need SW 2009 to run. I actually just got the 2010 DVD and we are on subscription (so we’ll have official compatibility soon), but unfortunately not all our clients will be moving to 2010 instantly and some require native SW (It’d be great if 2008 ran as well, but I could probably move to an old computer for that if needed). Plus, I don’t like to switch SW versions mid-project (things don’t always rebuild the same way, causing far too many headaches) and we have some projects that might be lingering for a while.

Any notes on how Windows 7 and SW 2009 are working for people (plus system specs if you don’t mind) would be very appreciated.

Supposedly it works well, from what I’ve heard. I haven’t checked the Customer Portal for a while, that would be the place to get more opinion I would guess.

I’ve been running Solidworks SP4.1 on Windows 7 for about a month now without a single glitch. No issues. Load 'em up.

(Disclaimer: I haven’t used any of the exotic plug-ins like Cosmos or any of the simulation tools - just basic modeling and rendering.)