Win7 32 or 64 bit?

I have a laptop with a Intel core2 duo 2.20 GHz processor and 4 gigs or RAM. It came with vista 32 bit home ed (Whooo Hooo!), but I think I could do 64-bit, maybe I am mistaken. I have Windows 7 Ultimate (legal and legit), I need the computer to run CS3, solidworks, and Coral Painter X (for sketching). As I understand it flash is not supported with 64-bit but you can rig it some how. Also Can any one confirm if I upgrade or do I have to start a new (not really a bad thing) with 7 Ultimate? Is anybody else running something similar with 7? Or running 7? So my question is should I run 32 or 64 bit 7?

Are you running into ram issues? If you only have 4 gigs of ram you probably won’t see any real benefit to the 64 bit since 32bit can utilize 4 gigs. But if you are planning on adding more then that then it’s an issue.

There shouldn’t be any issues with software on 7 64 bit. Flash should work perfectly fine as does the rest of CS.

I’m running it on my home machine with CS4, Alias 2010, Pro E, and all my other apps with no issues.

The issue though is I don’t believe your 32 bit serial # will work with 64 bit, but I’m not positive.

32 bit systems recognize 4 gb of ram but can only use up to around 3.25 gb of ram. It’s a limitation of all 32-bit systems. So you could use the full amount of ram if you go with the 64 bit version. That will be your biggest advantage.

Here is a link to the Flash issue with 64-bit systems

32 and 64 disks are included I’d assume that the code works for both.

Ah - maybe Ultimate is OK then, I know when I was buying my copy of 7 Pro it gave me 2 options but that might’ve just been for the download.

As far as ram usage - the small difference in addressable memory probably won’t make or break your system. It certainly can’t hurt if you want to reformat and reinstall, but if you’re already set up on 32 bit it might be OK to just stick with it.

The flash 64 bit thing is only an issue with the browser - and thats ONLY if you’re running IE8 64 bit. IE8 sucks pretty hard anyways, but you can still run the normal 32 bit versions of IE or Firefox without issue.

IMO unless you’re planning on upping your memory, you’re probably fine with just the 32 bit version.

Cyberdemon said it pretty well. you should be fine either way you go.

cool, Thank everybody. I’m normally pretty good with computer stuff, I just never got into custom redhat installs in high school so when it comes to swapping OS’ I get nervous. I just hope I don’t lose my itunes library but I think I can back wash off my iphone.

Windows 7 comes with a backup tool, I know it works for XP/Vista but I would imagine you can probably create a backup file that will also do 32bit->64. You should back up all of your important data regardless.

Like I mentioned though, unless you plan on upping your memory I would save the hassle. You won’t see any real gain out of it and the time to restore/reinstall may be more trouble then it’s worth.

Plus, I’ve seen some smaller meaningless programs be affected by the 64bit stuff. Probably not worth the hassle unless it’s purely dedicated to work. (even then…)

Yeah, I’m going to stay 32-bit. I just cannot find my coral painter disk and do not want to lose it. I tried to make a backup on my external, it took like two hours or so to do, and I cannot find a file or anything on the external. I have the important stuff saved on externals two here one someplace else.

Yeah I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it.

64 bit comes in handy when you’re really pushing the 4gb barrier. Big assemblies, lots of large apps multitasking, high res rendering output, things of those nature. If you hit CTRL+ALT+DEL during a day of work and add up how much your big apps are using this gives you a good idea right off the bat. During a normal days work, even I won’t push that. But when the big assemblies come out thats when I used to start hitting issues when Pro E or Showcase would start eating up 1-2 gigs of ram each so my new machine runs XP-64 + 12 gigs of ram.

Other then those couple of instances it’s business as usual even on 32-bit.

I can get employee pricing via Intel so I am thinking of building a little computer that will be for renders and all that. Then get a small tablet for web stuff and sketching.

its all depend on you man…

Which resolution your monitor support???

First check weather 64 is compatible on your monitor or not??


That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.