Will you quit a full time job for internship in a big name?


Junior level ID with a full time job for 2+ yrs. Some huge name ID firm asked if interested in an internship. Is it really non sense?

Internship as a trial for if to hire you or not? If I were a junior designer somewhere for 2 years, I would either be looking for another full time…or staying where I’m. Just because the name is huge ( how many letters are we talking about?) I wouldn’t jeopardize my financial security…Is it wrong to be too cautious in ID?

Firstly, well done on getting the internship invite.

True you do have to consider your current financial situation … but are you a designer or a banker. If have got no dependents (i.e. kids, fragile granny) then f###ing go for it.

Even if you don’t get it / there is no job at the end of it anyway it will look great on your cv plus you will benefit from it professionally i.e. get the chance to work and learn with pro designers who are probably buzzing from working on great projects.

Kudos and ego … not to be underestimated in this game.

You could sell it to your current employer if you want to try and keep the present position open. Tell them it will make you a better and happier designer /all round professional. Ask for a sabbatical or even try your luck and ask for them to sponsor you … they might sack you on the spot … but then again they might say yes.

Good luck!

You’re not an intern. You have 2 years under your belt. An internship if for those completing their degree or just starting out. Sounds to me that this company wants cheap experienced help and not have to pay benenfits…

They should not be calling someone with 2 years experience in the field to intern. That’s just insuling. They should just hire you as a junior designer.

I wouldn’t go for it.

Try talking to them again if you can get a full time position as a junior designer.

They already told me they are not activly looking for a full time designer. I might ask for an interview and see if I can really impress them to change their mind.

For the internship from big name thing, actually I got an internship offer from F&&& Design 3 years ago. Another big name. I was finishing up school so I couldn’t do it. Thinking about that, I still wish I chould have done it… One thing would suck big time is if I take it, if all of a sudden they have no projects to do, like what did happen in the past 2-3 years. Then I will get nothing out of it and there is no way they would keep me.

I will see how it goes. Plus, I have two interviews lined up for full time positions.

am I missing something here? So what if it is a big name? Not everyone belongs in that environment and I think sometimes people make the mistake of thinking such big name places will magically turn them into something they are not.
Is the internship really something that would benefit you at this stage in your career? Internships are an opportunity for newbies to learn and experience what its like to be a “real designer” With 2 years under your belt, one would think you were already a real designer. If the company will only offer you and internship (note…they could have said FREELANCE so they still wouldnt have to keep you permanently), then I suggest you re-evaluate the offer. If its a job offer you want, then go for that. Dont settle for less.