Will You Attend Fall Classes?

A number of universities are stating conditional terms for reopening for the fall, with a mix of social distancing for living with a mix of lectures in auditoriums and online options. I doubt the Studio can effectively be replicated in either scenario ,and might compromise portfolios come graduation.

Do you know what your department is saying now?
Would you go even if it’s not an optimal learning experience?
Can you image a better way forward?

UW hasn’t announced plans for Fall quarter yet. Summer courses are slated to be online at this point but that might change for B-term. For a number of reasons I opted out of online-only courses for this Spring; I much prefer an in-person class, even if its a lecture. A studio oriented course would be problematic for sure.

would you or anyone consider delaying graduation a year? (perhaps not a bad idea during a recession)
would a year of non-studio online classes in Marketing, Manufacturing, Sociology, etc be of value?

I’m not the best person to answer that, as I’m attending very part-time. I’d rather be done sooner though. Judging by how many people still signed up for online classes (even buying desktop 3D printers for personal use to complete an engineering course), people are still planning to be done quickly.
This made me think of something though - a large part of my cohort are foreign students, primarily from China, with a few from Taiwan. I don’t know what visa requirements dictate for recent graduates, but perhaps if they had a way to ‘defer’ or ‘extend’ their educations, putting off a graduation date, maybe some of them would…? Just guessing.

I met a prof at my old school this weekend and they’re trying a hybrid studio approach, zoom for critiques and they take turns gaining access to the shop to build their models. that will mean no crush of people at the end of the semester all using the tools at once to finish projects as before.
Seems you have to finish designing in time to start building well in advance of the end of class, and you’d need to plan the build to work around the limited access to the shop, so what do you think the result will be like?

I think the result will be somewhat less nice than normal.

I just finished summer quarter. 100% remote, doing IoT hands-on projects, learning Arduino, mqtt, Node-Red, breadboard electronics. It was really, really hard. I think good instructors will realize this and make adjustments. On the first day of class our prof shared the widely applauded syllabus intro from this religious studies professor. https://twitter.com/brandonbayne/status/1239336664176250880